Region's iPhone Photo of The Day (iPPOD) is still going srtong and will continue. It was to be a one year project, but due to such fine response it is now in its fifth year.

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The Friends of the Hudson Area Library held its Second Annual Boat Cruise on the Hudson River, a fund raiser for the Library. Athens, NY also held its 40th Annual Street Festival that evening culminating in fireworks. I stood in the bow with my tri-pod and shot a series of rather unusual fireworks photos. The ship was constantly moving from left to right and back, creating these unique, magical images.

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Library Cruise Fireworks 2014 Photo Gallery

The photo below appeared in the January 2011 issue of New Mexico magazine. The photo received an Honorable Mention in the magazines 10th Annual Photo Contest. There were 1,124 photos submitted from 240 photographers. I am quite pleased to be in the company of so many excellent artists and their beautiful work. To view a slide show of all the contest winners Click Here.

This is the photo and my caption that accompanies it.



While photographing the Mission San Francisco De Asis at Rancho De Taos, consumed with the magnificence and power of the structure, I paused to catch my breath; often caught up in the excitement of the moment, one forgets to breathe. I turned and there was this brilliant red hollyhock.  Here was this flower appearing to grow next to the bare shoulder and neck of a woman, and suddenly the structure was soft and quite feminine.